Conditional Offers of Admission

Hello everybody!

If you’re reading this from anywhere in the Eastern portion of Canada, it’s likely that you, like me, saw some snow on the ground this morning.  You can never count mother nature out of delivering a few surprises every now and then!

One of the questions I have had in the past few days is about the conditions of our offers of admission.  It is important that you read your offer letter carefully so that you understand the conditions associated with it.  A few among you may have received an unconditional offer of admission – this means that we have all the information from you that we need (final grades and diploma completed).  However, the majority of the offers we make here at Queen’s are conditional, meaning that there are a set of criteria that you must meet in order to maintain your offer of admission.

Now, first things first – don’t freak out about the conditions.  For most programs, we require that you a) complete your final diploma from wherever you’re studying and b) keep a 75% average or equivalent.  The only exceptions to this rule are for the Engineering, Nursing and Commerce programs where there are specific grades you need to maintain in some courses.  Commerce also has the requirement that your average doesn’t drop below 80% overall.

One of the most common sources of confusion has to do with which courses we will use to calculate that 75% or 80% average.  We will use the same courses as we used when we calculated your admission average, which means that we do use prerequisites.  You can review the prerequisites for your particular program by clicking this link.

The most important tip I can give you:  Read your offer letter! It has the information that pertains to you specifically.

That’s it for me now – time to go dust off my snow shovel in case we get another blizzard coming through!

Kevin du Manoir
Admission Coordinator


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